Health Benefit of Sheep Ghee

Sheep Ghee

One of the best fats for cooking is ghee or clarified butter because it withstands high temperatures very well since it does not contain solid waste. It is an ingredient widely used in Asian cuisine (but today, its use is spreading to European and Western countries) and as soon as you try to cook fish, vegetables or make dough with it, you will notice the difference.

Its flavor is delicious and very intense. And for those who normally cook with olive oil, it can become an alternative so that the dishes do not always taste the same, in addition to being much more beneficial for health, for some reason it is called ‘liquid gold’.

Its origin can be varied, the most common is the ghee made with cow’s milk. On this occasion, we would like to introduce the sheep ghee that varies from the cow in terms of components and flavor. In very rare online we offer all the information you need to know!

Sheep Ghee: Health Benefits and Properties

    1. It is not allergic : Ideal for anyone who does not tolerate lactose or casein. Normally the amount of protein is LESS than 0.1%, so the percentage of casein is practically zero. The best indicator is its texture, which unlike conventional butter, is much more greasy and in the pan, it does not release water when heated. 
    2. It is full of vitamins A D and K: These vitamins participate in hundreds of metabolic reactions and can only be absorbed by consuming them accompanied by fat. Consuming this liquid gold will have a high bioavailability in our body. Also, since sheep’s milk is the raw material, it contains up to 80% more calcium than cow’s milk and up to twice as much fat as goat’s milk. It is also much richer than previous milk in folic acid, vitamin C and especially B1 and B2. If you are interested in sheep milk as well, you can fin in very rare online. 
    3. Better than vegetable oil for cooking : Withstands cooking temperatures much higher than vegetable oils without rusting. sheep fat has always been the most suitable for frying food and retains all its properties even at high temperatures. Other fats such as Olive or Avocado oil oxidize much sooner and lose their properties easily. 
    4. The amount of nutrients is much greater than in pasteurized butter When talking about organic butter cooked at low temperature, from organic sheep milk fed with grass, it has a much greater amount of nutrients than the common butter and does not have toxins or the estrogens that conventional milk and butter usually contain. 
    5. Flavor : Sheep ghee retains a unique flavor and texture, it has no comparison with the flavors of conventional butter. 
    6. Durability : Sheep ghee retains a unique flavor and texture, it has no comparison with the flavors of conventional butter. 
    7. It is very versatile : You can use sheep ghee with any recipe, and it will give your dishes a unique flavor. 
    8. Economic price : Taking into account the quality of the product, it has a fair price. If we compare the type of cows used for conventional butter and the manufacturing processes, with the one used to make this sheep ghee in very rare online, the cost would actually be much cheaper than that of butter with casein. 

  1. You will avoid putting estrogens and toxins in your body : As you know, if you know our website very rare online, dairy products today are pure poison loaded with toxins and estrogens that will kill you slowly. However, the quality sheep Ghee we offer is totally free of this type of toxic. 
  2. It helps reduce triglycerides : If you already know our content in very rare online, you will know that the myth of good and bad cholesterol has nothing to do with reality, but triglycerides are a marker of heart attack, and with this liquid gold and a Ketogenic diet, you can reduce them dramatically in a very short time. 
  3. Sheep ghee is full of antioxidants : that will help you strengthen the immune system and prevent all kinds of diseases. 

Sheep Ghee: How to Use It?

  1. Excellent for frying or roasting, as we will get more intense flavors. 
  2. You can add sheep ghee to ready-made dishes, side dishes, soups, etc. 
  3. You can use it for your sweets, bread and other types of dough (when using it in the dough we put about 30% less than when we use conventional butter). 
  4. According to Ayurvedic medicine, it is recommended to roast the spices in the sheep ghee so that they release all their oil. 

“Ghee increases intellect, stimulates long life and is an aphrodisiac that protects the body from numerous diseases” – BHAVAPRAKASHA. Ayurvedic text of the 16th century.



Sheep Ghee: Additional Information

  1. Freshly clarified sheep ghee remains liquid, then solidifies but upon contact with hot foods, it becomes liquid again. 
  2. As we have eliminated all substances that can be degraded, it can be stored for a long time without a problem. 
  3. Sheep ghee can be consumed directly as a sauce. 
  4. Hold up to 250 ° C before starting to break down its molecules (begins to smoke). Olive oil smokes at 200ºC and high oleic sunflower oil at 160ºC. 
  5. The best fats for cooking at high temperatures in the order of priority is sheep ghee. 
  6. Consuming olive or sunflower oil increases triglycerides to a greater extent than consuming sheep ghee. 
  7. If you are a margarine lover you should know that you increase the risk of having heart attacks that would not increase if they consume sheep ghee. 
  8. If you decide to buy ghee, you should run away from the so-called “vegetable Ghee” which, like all seed oils, basically contains trans fats that increase cholesterol. In very rare online, we take care of your health. 

You will get all these benefits only if you consume high-quality sheep ghee. That’s why in very rare online we work carefully to offer you the best product on the market and from the comfort of your home.

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