Camel Milk Powder – 100gms

camel milk powder online

Camel Milk Powder – 100gms


Camel milk powder is an ample source of 100% natural and instant energy without any kind of concoction and we are one of the leading distributor of the camel milk powder in and around Mumbai.

All of our products are freshly made from the raw camel milk which we fetch from the desserts of the Rajasthan. Once our products is ready we distribute camel milk powder in Mumbai depending on the demand of our product.

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How is it made?

We make our camel milk powder by Freeze drying method. Raw Milk are flash frozen, then placed in a vacuum chamber. Moisture is drawn off by evaporating the ice at temperatures as low as -50 degree F. Then converts into fine particles. Camel milk powder is sealed in moisture and oxygen proof canisters further we have also flushed nitrogen to ensure freshness until opened.

You can get your dose of camel milk powder online by purchasing from us.


How to use?

Add the same ratio of Luke warm water in a cup, mix VRO Camel Milk Powder and shake it well, then add the remaining ratio of water. You can also add sweeteners like chocolate, coconut palm sugar, honey, fresh fruits for smoothies, Camel Milk Coffee & Tea, Cakes & Cookies, Desserts, Ice cream depending on your personal preference. It is also used in manufacturing cosmetics.

As per the lab’s calculation goes, with every 100 gm of VRO Camel milk powder you can add 800 to 900 ml of water. After stirring/mixing it well you can get almost get 800-900ml of camel milk.

For example: Making of 85 ml camel milk, you need 10 grams of Powder.

Follow this ratio and you make any amount of camel milk.


Nutrition Facts

Test Name                       LOQ            Results

Total Fat, gm/10gm                   .05               2.35

Sodium (as Na), mg/10gm         .025             107.73

Potassium, mg/10gm                 .025             139.95

Total Carbohydrate, gm/10gm   .1                 3.71

Dietary Fibber, gm/10gm          .05               BLQ

Total Sugar, gm/10gm               .1                 1.94

Total Protein, gm/10gm             .05               2.21

Vitamin C, mg/10gm                 1.0               14.26

Iron (as Fe) , mg/10gm              .025             .06

Vitamin E, IU/10gm                  .1                 2.18

Vitamin B2, md/10gm               2.5               BLQ

Vitamin B5, mg/10gm               .02               .21

Phosphorus (as P), mg/10gm     .025             47.31

Zinc (as Zn), mg/10gm              .025             .06

Vitamin A, mg/10gm                 2.5               98.39

Calcium (as Ca), mg/10gm        .025             170.68

Vitamin D, mg/10gm                 .1                 .59

Vitamin B1, mg/10gm               2.0               10.91

Vitamin B3, mg/10gm               0.05             7.05

Vitamin B12, mg/10gm             0.05             0.12

Copper(as Cu), mg/10gm .005             BLQ


Why to use?

There are several benefits of using our products instead of normal camel milk. Here are some of the common reasons why you should use the camel milk powder online today itself.

  • Easy to store
  • Increases lifespan span
  • Contains same amount of nutrition
  • No need of refrigeration
  • Taste as good as regular camel milk
  • No need of refrigerator
  • Less expensive
  • Boost Immunity
  • Good for Autism
  • Good for diabetes
  • Good for heart
  • Very rare allergic reaction

P.S :- Don’t forget to get your dose of camel milk powder online from us. Also, we have amazing offers in the case of bulk purchase.

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