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We are one of the leading producers of HORSE MILK in India. HORSE use in the production of our product are all raised in the natural habitat in the cluster of green and are all vaccinated. They feed on the fodders which have medicinal properties. This ensures optimum quality product without any lethal concoction.

All of our products are 100% organic and natural without any concoction. Delivering best quality product is always our priority and we always stick to that. We are one of the exclusive online organic HORSE milk’s dealers in India serving profoundly since many years.

Product Description.

Horse Milk in reality is termed as Mare Milk. This is mainly due to the fact that a female horse is known as a Mare and only a female horse secretes milk. Milk obtained from Horses that are fed on fermented dairy products like Kumis is considered healthier than the ones that are artificially fed. Horse Milk is available in powdered form in many drug stores and is considered the common form for consumption of the same.

Horse Milk or Mare Milk offers highest of nutritional value to human health. A detailed look at the health benefits that Horse Milk offers to humans will help understand the uses of consuming the same in a regular manner.

       Health benefits offered by Horse Milk.

  • Horse Milk contains many types of Vitamins in it some of which are Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The Vitamin content found in Horse Milk is higher than it is in Cow’s Milk.                                     
  • The high levels of Minerals found in Horse Milk range between Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron to most important ones for human health.                                                                                                             
  • Horse Milk helps people of all ages by providing them relief from tiredness, menopause related ailments in women, stress and tension and people experiencing ailments pertaining to old age.
  • People who have Lactose tolerance can best benefit from Horse Milk.                                                             
  • The fat content in Horse Milk is very low and is of mono saturated type. 
  • The calories found in Horse Milk is almost 50% lesser than that found in Cow’s milk.


  • Things to keep in mind
    • See the Packaging date before usage.
    • Store in a cool and dry place.
    • Once opened consume within 2-3 week.

Delivering our product on time is our priority and we deliver it within 48 hours all across the city.

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