Benefits of Camel Milk For Diabetes

camel milk

Diabetes is one of such disease which has taken over the whole world and camel milk is the potential solution for it. According to the latest study, it was found that camel milk contains enough insulin to prevent and even treat diabetes both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


When it comes to diabetes most of us think that it can only happen only when your sugar intake is really high or you’re old, which is perhaps in some cases but not always.


Here are some of the jaw-dropping facts about diabetes which most of you won’t be knowing

  • Every 1 of 3 people who have diabetes does not even know about it
  • It is one of the leading cause of blindness in middle-aged adults.
  • People with diabetes are 2 times more prone to heart disease compared to random adults.
  • Out of all the diabetes patients, only 5% of them have type 1 diabetes.


India has one of the highest numbers of diabetes patients in the whole world which is almost equal to 30 million, which is expected to increase up to 80 million in the near future. This huge and fatal number has scourged the future of India and has made it one of world diabetes leader leaving behind both China (24 Million) and USA (27 Million).

Now the big question why you should use camel milk for the Diabetes? Here are some of the amazing reasons which will help you to introspect and will tell you enough reason to use camel milk today itself.


Camel milk for diabetes.


Current series of experiments conducted by SP Medical College, Bikaner, India has shown the Local of the Rajasthan which is called Raica community who consumes camel milk on the daily basis has shown the symptom of being immune of the Diabetes, which is both Type 1 and Type 2.

The more extensive study conducted on them proved that Raicas who are more regular to consume of camel milk are more free-form diabetes where on the other hand particular group of Raicas who do not consumes camel milk are more prone to Diabetes which is almost 10% more.

This profound study proves the benefits of camel milk for Diabetes. After the study, it was found that camel milk contains 52 units of insulin per litre. This is almost 60% more insulin administration for type 1 diabetes.

This profound discovery proves that camel is for diabetes is not a myth and people do get a positive result after consuming camel milk on the regular basis.


Other benefits of camel milk


Some of the other health benefits of camel milk which are no less than others are.

  • Good for immunity
  • Autism
  • Allergic system
  • Prevents anaemia
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Good for Cardiac problems