Top 10 reasons how Raw Camel Milk can lead you better life

camel milk


Camels have been profoundly helping humans since many centuries. In deserts, camels are being use to transport foods, water and other vital goods apart from being used as a mode of transportation. There have been many historic representations that prove camels were used by our ancestors as well. There is no denying the fact that camels have helped in the existence of many great civilisations across the world.

But do you know that apart from this one of the most significant and vital use of camel is to produce milk? In many cultures consuming camel milk is considered as taboo but it has numerous health importance which can change your life forever.

In this particular blog post, we will provide you with top 10 reasons that will make you switch to camel milk today only


1) Camel milk Good for Type 1 Diabetes.      

Camel milk is an amazing antidote for the sugar problem. It not only controls the amount of blood sugar in people suffering from the Type 1 diabetes but also it reduce their insulin usage drastically.

In the recent study conducted on the people with Type 1, diabetes it was found out that people who had a regular intake of 500ml of camel milk for years showed amazing improvement. Out of them, 12 people decreased the amount of insulin and 3 totally stopped taking insulin. Amazing right!!


2) Control Food Allergies.

In the recent years, lots of people have been reported suffering from the allergies related to the different types of food. As the result, they are getting deprived of the nutritious which they can potentially get from such food.

camel milk not only has shown an amazing result for people with milk allergies but it’s unique protein and hypoallergenic properties have helped people suffering from other food allergies also.

In a recent study conducted on eight children with extreme food allergies showing symptoms like diarrhoea, vomiting, skin rashes showed drastic improvement after taking camel milk for a week. Within 24 hours only it started showing its result and symptoms started decreasing. After the intake of 4 days’ worth of quantity, surprisingly their symptoms totally eradicated.

After the regular dose for two weeks, same children who were suffering from the extreme allergic symptoms were able to eat the same food without any issue. This has drastically improved their health.


3) Reduce the risk of Heart Attack.

We live in one stressful world and eat unhealthy food which is full of cholesterol and Tran’s fat. As the result, the number of people suffering from the heart-related disease has increased drastically in the recent past few years. For that doing exercise on the daily basis is recommended but generally, we don’t have time for that in our busy schedule.

One of the best solutions for that is taking camel milk on the daily basis. It contains enzymes which are really good for our body and releases HDL Cholesterol which is one of the best cholesterol to control heart attack and stroke.


4) Contains high iron.

Iron is one of the most important elements in our body. Our body needs it to produce the red blood cells and to carry oxygen from our lungs, which is really important for the well-functioning of our body. Lack of iron can lead to diseases like peptic ulcer, hiatal hernia and even colorectal cancer. It is especially bad for the women during their periods

One of the best sources of iron is camel milk. In the recent, study it was found that camel milk contains 10 times more iron than a cow milk. Therefore, regular intake can camel milk can prevent such diseases.


5) Viable treatment for an Autism.

Autism is one for the most common neuro development disorder among the children. Thousands and thousands of new patients are being reported every year from the autism. This disease does not only affect their social skill but also their speaking skills of the children.

A new study shows that Camel Milk could be a potential treatment for the autism among young children. Its high level of antioxidant reduces the level of oxidative stress in the autistic children.

Researcher tested the blood sample of the autistic children before and after the camel milk treatment and it showed drastic improvement. They found that consuming camel milk on regular basis increases the level antioxidant protection among these autistic children.


6) Boost Immune system.

Camel milk contains a high level of the protective enzymes like Isoenzymes, Immunoglobulin and lactoferrin etc which have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Also, it contains a high level of antioxidants which is really good for a good Immune system. Researchers found that camel milk contains antibodies that can help the body to fight against rotavirus also.


7) It relaxes your body.

As proven by the scientist of some of the top institutions, camel milk have enzymes which is really good for relaxing body. Its antioxidants reduce the stress level and provide relaxation. Gamma-Aminobutyric acid is an amino acid found is the brain that triggers relaxation. 

Camel milk has comparatively more GABA than the cow milk thus it triggers relaxation. 


8) Good for the digestion.

Camel Milk contains high amount of probiotics which boost the grown of the healthy bacteria in the digestive system and thus it helps in the process of digestion.


9) It is Nutritious.

We human have been relying on animals since many centuries as the source of nutrition. It provides us vital nutrients like proteins, vitamins, iron, carbohydrate etc which is really important for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

One of the major sources of such nutrition among most of us is the cow milk but do you know camel milk contains more amount of such healthy nutrition compared to the cow milk? Camel milk has been used for many years in the middle-eastern countries as the source of protein and now the recent research has also proved that.


10) Good for Environment. 

In this 21st century, one of the biggest problems which we humans are facing is global warming. As the result of which temperature of our planet is increasing drastically and the sea level is rising. One of the biggest reasons for the global warming is the high level of methane gas in nature and one of the biggest source of methane in cattle like cow.

Unlike cows, camels don’t release methane gas and they can be the potential solution to the 21st century’s most vital crisis “Global Warming”. By increasing the intake of the camel milk we can not only ensure our health but also our planet’s health