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GIR Cow Ghee is such a purest form of Ghee that it offers many health benefits to people belonging to all age groups. Let us look at some health benefits offered by Ghee made from GIR Cow Milk.The natural products with which the GIR Cows are fostered makes the milk obtained from them safe. It turn the Ghee churned also possesses high levels of anti ageing properties in it. This helps people look young and healthy for extended number of years.The purest form of GIR Ghee acts as a good lubricant providing relief from Knee and joint pain to people. Various kinds of Arthritis get cured when GIR Cow Ghee is consumed regularly by the affected ones

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We are one of the leading producers of lab certified organic Gir cow ghee in India. All of our ghee products are 100% organic without the usage of any kind of connection in. It is made by all natural method without the use any kind of preservative in them.Our organic natural ghee not only enhances the flavour of the food but also make it healthy and easy to digest. Unlike other food products, it doesn’t have any side affects also which make it really easy to use for most of us.

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All of our cattles use in the production of organic Gir Cow ghee are raised in the natural habitat and raised on the natural flora and fauna. This ensures that our Gir cow ghee has the best quality with amazing health benefits. We especially take care that our ghee is 100% organic without any kind of preservatives and it is made by the traditional hand cured method without the use of any kind of machines.

Hand curing method ensures that it has very low trans fat in it which is one of the key fat element which increases the weight. Because if this our product become really digestive with multiple health benefit.

GIR Cow Ghee is nothing bur Ghee made out of the output obtained from Indian cow that is bred on natural products. These are cows that are not grown with the help of medical or artificial products. Their milk production is not meddled with hormonal injections for commercial or profitability reasons.

GIR in particular is an Indian breed cow which produces the best possible milk since it is fed on value adding herbs, Jau, Coconut, Makka, Capas Seed, Gehu Chapad, Matar Dal among the many others. The Butter and Ghee made out of the Milk produced by GIR cow is absolutely healthy. The milk that is obtained from GIR Cow is termed as A1 Milk and is of the best  quality to produce the best of the Ghee in the world.

    Health benefits of Gir cow Ghee.

  • GIR Cow Ghee is used for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda and natural form of medicines.
  • GIR Cow Ghee gets people rid of Asthma, Sinusitis and other kinds of respiratory diseases when applied externally.
  • GIR Cow Ghee reduces the overall fat in the body in particularly the fat accumulated in the belly region of the body.
  • GIR Cow Ghee also helps in maintaining Skin and Eye health at its optimal best at all points of time.
  • High levels of anti ageing properties.

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