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Health benefits of Goat Ghee

The Goat Ghee we deal with offers many types of health benefits to consumers owing to the high levels of purity we prepare the same with.

  • The Goat Ghee we offer contains medium chain Fatty Acids which are good for human health. This makes it look semi liquid when the same is maintained in room temperature. It is advisable that Goat Ghee be preserved in cooler conditions as in the Refrigerator so its shelf life is longer than usual.
  • Our Goat Ghee is free of Lactose content since through a thorough sieving process we ensure that the same is removed right during the butter to ghee conversion stage
  • Casein is the name of the protein content that is usually found in all types of milk. Casein is blamed as one of the key components responsible for creating allergic reactions in people. Our Goat Ghee is free of Casein due to the removal process involved in the preparation of the same
  • Our Goat Ghee can be used for cooking since the same is absolutely heat stable unlike many oils that usually does not support cooking.
  • The Goat Ghee we supply falls under the saturated fat category making it highly safe for human consumption. Being a saturated fat, the high quality Goat Ghee we supply supports effective functioning of the heart and does not cause any type of harm to the same.
  • Our Goat Ghee contains required levels of Carbohydrates, Proteins Sodium, Sugars and Cholesterol
  • The Goat Ghee we supply is rich in many value adding minerals like Zinc, Calcium, Copper, Phosphorous, Potassium and Magnesium
  • The wide variety of Vitamins found in the world class Goat Ghee acts as a natural source of health to humans. Some such rich Vitamin sources in the Goat Ghee we  supply are Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C and Vitamin D

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