Benefits of Horse Milk

Benefits of Horse Milk Many animals, in particular mammals secrete milk as a natural process. Such milk that is absolutely natural and free of artificiality yield high levels of nutrients required for the human body. Regularly consuming such natural milk adds immense value to human health in many ways. Consuming milk on a regular basis […]

Health benefits of sheep ghee

Health benefits of Sheep Ghee Ghee among the other food items is considered as butter fat and is considered completely pure in nature. Ghee is both a nourishing food item which is high in medicinal properties. Cow, Buffalo, Sheep and Goat referred to as cattle play a significant role in providing milk and related products. […]

10+ Benefits of camel milk for Autism

Benefits of Camel milk for Autism vary in many aspects depending on the different people living on the different continent. Right from their food habits to cultural inclination, their life style is different in most aspects of life. Despite the difference in many areas, some basic necessities pertaining to life remains constant across the globe. One such […]