Buffalo Bilona Ghee Amazing Benefits

India stands out not only for its fascinating cuisine due to the special and unique flavor that its spices provide but also for its ancient Ayurvedic medicine, where in both cases, Ghee is present. Ghee is very important under the eyes of Ayurveda in order to have a healthier lifestyle.

This wonderful product was born to rejuvenate us and to end or appease many health problems. So that the characteristics and properties of the Ghee are maintained, VRO continues with its traditional elaboration where in this case, it also stands out for offering Buffalo Bilona Ghee.

Don’t you know the difference between Bilona Ghee and normal Ghee? Here we will tell you why bilona Ghee is so good for your life.

Organic Buffalo Milk as Raw Material

VRO offers Ghee from buffalo milk, which is 100% organic. A great advantage of organic milk over conventional milk is its shelf life. Besides, the buffalos spend a large part of the year grazing in open pastures, which makes the milk as healthy and natural as possible.

In order for buffalo ghee to maintain its properties and flavor, its preparation is very traditional in order to obtain a natural and authentic product. This means that once the fúbalo milk is obtained, it follows the curding process, which is then churned in a wooden churner using the Bilona method to separate the butter from the curd, then the separated butter is washed and melted into ghee. The final product lasts much longer, is richer and healthier.

Understanding The Buffalo Bilona Ghee Process

Many people do not know the difference between bilona ghee and traditional or regular ghee. But don’t worry, we will explain it to you here.

Although both products are made of organic milk (from buffalo without hormones or antibiotics), the difference lies in the way it is made and in their health benefits, that is why we can mention two types of Ghee.

Regarding the production process, the typical or regular guee is much simpler. The milk is boiled and the cream obtained from the curdled milk is churned and is ready. On the other hand, the elaboration of bilona Ghee is a long manual process, requires more effort and time, and where more milk is used, elaboration that can be seen reflected in the price, but is completely worth it.

The steps VRO follow to make Buffalo Bilona Ghee are:

  1. The milk is simmered for up to 4 hours and it is done traditionally: using a clay pot and a wood stove because the ghee binola consists of maintaining its naturalness, which is transferred to the nutrients of the product.
  2. Over time, the milk is left to rest overnight to obtain the curd.
  3. The next day, the curd is churned with the binola method which consists of using the Vedic bidirectional churning to obtain the butter. Any kind of cream is used to give is consistency or change its texture. We focus on providing pure ghee.
  4. Finally, the butter obtained from the previous process is boiled to get Buffalo Binola Ghee.

Although the process of making Bilona Ghee takes more time and more work, VRO wants to offer its customers the purest ghee on the market. For this reason, the traditional brewing system is still used by our company, while many other brands are based on the production of bilona ghee industrially, using machines and chemicals instead of wooden churner and earthen pots.

Therefore, the availability of buffalo binola ghee is not very common, but we work and take care to keep our roots intact.

Buffalo Bilona Ghee Health Benefits

Among its nutritional composition, you can find butyric acid, a short-chain saturated fat that has been linked to properties such as reducing inflammation, better intestinal health, or the prevention of colon cancer, in animal and laboratory studies from the University of California and Harvard University. Additionally, a little more linoleic acid can be found, compared to conventional ghee, polyunsaturated fat that can help increase fat loss modestly.

The buffalo bilona ghee is also rich in significant amounts of vitamins A, E, and K2, since it is made with the milk of buffalo that have had a diet of grass and green herbs. Vitamin A is related to the skin, so many people have included this pure ghee in their diets to try to stand up to aging. For their part, vitamin E and K2 seem to promote good cardiovascular health, so that, despite what one might think, as bilona ghee is a source of fat, its consumption is beneficial in moderate amounts.

Another advantage of bilona ghee is that it was created to prevent the butter from spoiling in the absence of refrigeration, so it can be stored at room temperature, as long as it is not excessively high.

Besides, there are many other benefits that Buffalo Bilona Ghee offer:

    • It is highly saturated and stable fat, so it withstands high temperatures in the kitchen without oxidizing.
    • It is a food rich in healthy fats such as omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids.
    • It contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, copper, and chromium.
    • It is very good for digestion as it helps prevent or relieve some symptoms of gastritis, reflux, and stomach ulcer.
    • It has a slightly laxative effect.
    • It is a food rich in antioxidants, it also promotes cardiovascular health, balances cholesterol and triglycerides.
    • It can help regulate glucose, prevent diabetes, and control weight.
    • Applied to the skin, it moisturizes and cares for sunburned or allergic skin.
    • It is very good for the hair.
    • It is very good for the immune system and is a good source of energy.
    • Very recommended for pregnant women.

Why is Buffalo Bilona Ghee from VRO Recommended?

Beyond the properties and uses attributed to this pure ghee, what has really made it a unique product is its smoking point, which is nothing more than the temperature from which any type of fat begins to expel smoke, the higher it is, the more suitable it will be when it comes to frying without changing its flavor or chemical composition and with less risk of generating acrylamide in food, a substance related to the appearance of cancer.

The smoking point of extra virgin olive oil is 217ºC, that of semi-refined sunflower at 232ºC, while that of bilona ghee can reach 250ºC. Although there is a tendency to eliminate animal fats in all foods, in this case, it is shown that using bilona ghee can be healthier than using those from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Also, it is good to highlight that for the elaboration of this pure guee, we rely on the use of excellent quality buffalo milk, which has its effect on the flavor of the bilona ghee that we offer. The milk is kept naturally without the addition of any cream or ingredient that changes its texture, so the final product is as pure as possible.

They say we are what we eat. Therefore, behind our actions is our purity, and what we consume hides our personality. Taking this into account, the consumption of the traditional buffalo bilona ghee improves our health and our life in general. For this reason, in VRO you can get it while respecting the prices of its preparation, which is very hard. Visit our online store and receive in your home the best goodness of the traditional buffalo bilona ghee.