The Best Cow Bilona Ghee

Cow bilona ghee is one of the pillars of Ayurveda, the ancient traditional Indian medicine. It is nothing other than clarified butter, i. e., deprived of water and protein but rich in essential fats that the body needs.

Its peculiar texture and flavor make it an interesting ingredient in the kitchen, but it is also attributed to endless uses and benefits for both the body and the mind. The truth is that it is a luxury product, as its price is higher than that of traditional guee. Today we discover how to make the most of this brilliant delicatessen.

What is Cow Bilona Ghee?

This type of ghee has a more traditional way of preparing. Its preparation is carried out using the churned method with the cow’s milk that is left over after having fed its calf. This milk is brought to a simmer until it boils in earthen posts, generally, it is left on the fire for about 4 hours. Then, the milk is placed in a clay pot and left to rest overnight. The next morning the curd will be formed and it is this ingredient that is needed to prepare the butter.

To obtain this type of ghee, the curd obtained is churned through the binola process, which is a manual method of traditional ghee elaboration that consists of bidirectional Vedic churning. The final product is 100% natural and organic butter since it is made with cow’s milk that grazes pastures free of pesticides, they are not subjected to any type of hormones and no type of thickener or additional cream is added to the butter obtained.

As a final elaboration process, the butter is boiled so that any remaining liquid evaporates, obtaining completely pure cow bilona ghee.

Cow Bilona Ghee, Purity Emblem

The Cow Bilona Ghee is considered an emblem of purity and is used in religious rituals. On the other hand, this brilliant ingredient withstands the passage of time better, especially considering the climate of some areas of India. It can be kept in perfect condition for months.

The reason for this longevity is in the production process itself: roasting the milk solids, something that differentiates traditionally clarified butter from Ghee generates antioxidant compounds that delay rancidity.

This type of Ghee is pure and noble, without protein or water. It is considered lighter and has a high smoke point, meaning that it can be subjected to very high temperatures without burning and becoming toxic.

For this reason, it is preferred over other oils for sautéing and frying. Another reason for its frequent use in Indian cuisine is that it helps digestion and improves the absorption of certain components.

However, Cow Bilona Ghee is a bit more expensive compared to typical Ghee because much more milk is needed to make it: to obtain 1 kg of Ghee, up to 35 liters of milk are needed. Its price is also attributed to the fact that its production process is manual (bilona churned method), a traditional process that is still used by VRO to keep the traditions of the country alive to obtain a 100% natural product.

The Importance of Cow Bilona Ghee in Ayurveda

As you surely know, Ayurveda is India’s traditional health and healing system. It is an ancient medicine that boasts more than 3,000 years of history. Apart from properly medical knowledge, it also includes notions of cooking, music, dance, astrology, and spirituality. Something we could call a lifestyle

According to Ayurveda, there are three doshas (Vata, pitta, and kafa), invisible forces responsible for all the biological and psychological functions of the human being. If the three doshas are in balance, the organism will be as well. Its imbalance, always according to this traditional medicine, is the cause of the disease.

Cow Bilona Ghee, consumed in moderation, is considered an ingredient capable of appeasing or reducing the three doshas. It is also considered a vital energy stimulator that connects the body, mind, and spirit at the same time.

Why Should You Make Room for Cow Bilona Ghee in Your Home?

This Ghee is made from cow’s milk, a sattvic food, i. e. good and pure, in the Ayurvedic diet. According to this traditional system, there are three categories of food. The tamasic (those of difficult digestion like meats); the rajasic (those that produce a lot of thirst like fried); and finally the sattvic (milk, fruits, vegetables).

Unlike the other two food categories, which should be eaten in moderation, the sattvic ingredients are the healthiest and we can eat them without problems. That is why, next, you will find the Cow Bilona Ghee benefits:

  • Good source of Vitamin K2

Research from Erasmus University Rotterdam suggests that increasing the dose of K2 could cut the risk of heart attack by half. On the other hand, a study from the University of Athens showed that it produces positive changes in bone density.

And is that vitamin K2 is essential, among other things, to fix calcium in the bones and not in the arteries. In this way, it prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis to arteriosclerosis and heart attacks. Other scientific works relate K2 to dental health, the prevention of some types of cancer – such as prostate cancer – or neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Rich in Vitamins D

The vitamin D activity in the endocrine system makes it of great importance in health, especially during pregnancy. It works by preventing rickets and osteomalacia and guarantees proper bone development in children. It is the only substance that stimulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food in the intestine, and also increases the reabsorption of calcium and phosphorus in the kidney, thus being essential to maintaining the concentration of these minerals in the blood and for bone mineralization.

  • Rich in Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps the development of bones, teeth, soft tissues, mucous membranes, and skin. It is closely related to acne since a deficiency of vitamin A in the diet can cause its appearance. It also helps the formation of the retina, which is why it is also known as retinol. It also contributes to the prevention of infectious diseases, especially of the respiratory system, or other pathologies such as measles. This vitamin also favors the production of sperm and contributes to the female reproductive cycle, favoring the changes that occur in cells during the development of the fetus.

  • Rich in Vitamin E

Vitamin E has an antioxidant action, so it helps keep your body healthy and slows down aging. This nutrient neutralizes free radicals and, consequently, protects the cell membranes of the entire organism from oxidation, especially those of the cells of the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the muscular system. On the other hand, vitamin E also helps in the formation of red blood cells and blood clotting, stimulates the immune system and its presence is necessary for the functioning of the retina and fertility.

  • Good for Eye Treatments

The cow bilona ghee can be applied directly to the eyes to reduce dry eye, irritable or red eyes, ocular hypertension, glaucoma, and more.

  • Casein and Lactose-Free

Cow bilona Ghee is easily tolerated by people intolerant to lactose and milk proteins. For people who have allergies or sensitivities to these dairy components, cow bilona ghee is the best option. Casein and lactose are the two nutrients in dairy products that most often cause allergies and sensitivities. They can cause symptoms such as rashes and redness, cough, asthmatic symptoms, abdominal pain, and nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

  • It is Very Good for Burns

Ghee, due to its cold and healing properties, helps to heal burns quickly and painlessly. Just apply a little to the affected area immediately after the burn and it will heal quickly and with less chance of scarring.

  • Lubricates Skin, Hair, and Nails

Cow Bilona Ghee is used as a lubricating and nourishing “oil” for skin, hair, and nails. When there is dryness on the scalp, Ghee can be applied directly to perform a massage. Similarly, lubricating the ears, nose, and skin with Ghee helps maintain their shine and natural nutrition (can be combined with essential oils). And if you suffer from dry cuticles, Ghee helps lubricate them and keep your nails healthy and strong.

Ghee is the superfood in Ayurveda, it gives us smoothness, lubrication, and a lot of nutrition, that is why its healthy uses are key to this ancient medicine. We invite you to open your mind and your kitchen to the benefits of this great friend, the Cow Bilona Ghee.