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We are one of the leading producers of lab certified organic sheep ghee in India. All of our ghee products are 100% organic without the usage of any kind of connection in. It is made by all natural method without the use any kind of preservative in them.Our organic natural ghee not only enhances the flavour of the food but also make it healthy and easy to digest. Unlike other food products, it doesn’t have any side affects also which make it really easy to use for most of us.

Product Description.

All of our cattles use in the production of organic sheep ghee are raised in the natural habitat and raised on the natural flora and fauna. This ensures that our sheep ghee has the best quality with amazing health benefits. We especially take care that our ghee is 100% organic without any kind of preservatives and it is made by the traditional hand cured method without the use of any kind of machines.

Hand curing method ensures that it has very low trans fat in it which is one of the key fat element which increases the weight. Because if this our product become really digestive with multiple health benefits.

Health benefits of Sheep Ghee.

  • Rich in Fat Soluble vitamin A, D and E.
  • Good for individuals with Lactose sensitivity.
  • Sheep Ghee contains Butyrate, which is one of the important short-chain Fatty acid.
  • It contains Vitamin K-2 which is good for bones.
  • It contains fatty acid which helps in weight loss.
  • Helps in Digestion.
  • Reduces Inflammation.

Nutrition facts about Sheep Ghee.


Nutritions Value                              Result                                Test Meathod


Total Fat                                                   99.76                                      IS 6287-1985 (RA 2010)

Total Protein                                            BLQ                                        IS 7219-1973 (RA 2005)

Total Sugar                                               BLQ                                        FSSAI Manual Beverage Sugar & Sugar.

Engergy                                                    897.47                                     FAO Chaap 2, Method 3.5

Total Carbohydrate                                BLQ                                         IS 1656 : 2007

Moisture                                                   0.19                                         FSSAI Manual Milk & Milk Product

Total Ash                                                  BLQ                                        IS 7235 : 1974

Vitamin E                                                 4.98                                        IS 5886 : 1970

Vitamin A                                                  819                                        GC-FID

Polyunsaturated Fat                               4.34                                       GC-FID

Saturated Fat                                           65.71                                      GC-FID

Monounsaturated Fat                            21.94                                      GC-FID

Trans Fat                                                    5.09                                      GC-FID

Cholesterol                                               268                                         GC-FID


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