Health Benefits of Goat Ghee

Goat ghee

The goat ghee is made from butter without salt which is made a process called ‘clarification’ which consists of cooking the butter for many hours removing the ‘impurities’ and the result is pure fat (having discarded water, protein, hydrates, casein, and lactose).

Although it is saturated fat, it is a fat that helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels if consumed in moderation (moderation is normal to use for cooking or spreading on bread toast in the morning, without overdoing it).

In addition, as the principal raw material for ghee preparation is the goat milk origin, the goat ghee provides many benefits that very rare online will let you know and encourage you to try it. Keep reading!


Goat Ghee: Health Benefits and Properties

Goat ghee is one of the safest fats for cooking because it resists much better than other oils at high temperatures. Ghee has been used in Indian medicine (called Ayurveda) for centuries as it is known to help transport nutrients at the cellular level, facilitate digestive processes and nourish tissues and skin. It is also used in the treatment of ulcers, malnutrition, constipation and skin problems.

For many people, Ayurveda has played a very important role and is the co-base of their diet (along with raw vegan food). Ayurveda means “Science of Life” and for those who apply it, its philosophy is a treasure that has brought numerous health benefits for them and their family.

Many Westerners are discovering the power of goat ghee since Ayurveda therapists advise them to increase more oily elements in their diets after a medical review, especially women after childbirth since they need nutritious food. Patients who try goat ghee, may notice improvements in the skin, feel more satisfied or feel full and with more energy. You can find high-quality goat ghee in very rare online.

One of the doubts that some people usually have around ghee is whether it can raise cholesterol and if you can have health risks. The answer is that NO, it does not raise cholesterol but being fat, even if it is good, you should not abuse its consumption. People with a thin constitution usually need more goat ghee in the diet while a person with a tendency to increase his weight will need to take little less to cook food.

Even so, since goat ghee is a purified and healthy oil, it is suitable for lactose intolerant and does not contain trans fatty acids, that is, it does not raise cholesterol levels as mentioned above.

The particularity of the goat ghee is that being made from goat’s milk, it is easily digested due to the varied feeding of herbs of these animals, which makes it an ideal and recommended food for children and the elderly.


How to Use The Goat Ghee?

  • Goat ghee combines super well with dishes such as rice, mashed potatoes, pasta, etc.
  • Fabulous for cooking herbs and spices
  • You can spread it on some toast, with jam, honey or whatever you like best!
  • You can store it for many months, tightly closed it and will not decompose at room temperature
  • You can add goat Ghee to ready-made dishes, side dishes, soups and sauces
  • As it is manufactured from goat milk, you can substitute all other dairy products, but without lactose and other impurities: 5 g of Ghee contains 45 kcal, 0 g of proteins, 0 g of carbohydrates, 0 g of fibers
  • Great as a base for making skin creams, it is a medium that efficiently absorbs and transfers the properties of herbs and flowers
  • In Ayurvedic medicine, it is used mixed with hot milk and herbs as an excellent drink to calm the nervous system and stimulate digestion
  • You can use it to make delicious sweets, bread and other dough (when used in the dough we put about 30% less than when we use conventional butter)
  • As an Ayurvedic treatment, you can use some drops in your face every week to revitalize and hydrate your skin. At the same time, can be used to create your own lips balm for winter, at very rare online we recommend it!
  • Goat Ghee properly stored, has no expiration date and is even better over the years. According to Ayurvedic texts, after 50 years of proper storage, it is able to cure all kinds of diseases. In India, renowned doctors of this medicine keep concoctions and potions up to 300 years old, whose price is, for ordinary people, astronomical!

Goat ghee is a 100% natural product that has an anti-aging effect, reinforces the vitality of the body and strengthens the immune system. Further! It has a very delicious taste with a creamier texture.

Choose to start the day with a spoonful of goat ghee on toasted bread and accompanied by a cup of natural herbal tea. You can visit our online store at very rare online to discover a new world and always at the best price.