Benefits of Horse Milk

Benefits of Horse Milk

Many animals, in particular mammals secrete milk as a natural process. Such milk that is absolutely natural and free of artificiality yield high levels of nutrients required for the human body. Regularly consuming such natural milk adds immense value to human health in many ways. Consuming milk on a regular basis has remained a healthy habit in many families across different cultures in the globe. Not a single day passes with consumption of dairy products, in particular milk for many families. Animals like Cow, Buffalo, Goat and Horse secrete milk that can be consumed by humans for health benefits. Horse Milk in particular is consumed by people in specific parts of the world. Let us have a detailed look at Horse milk and the health benefits it offers to people when consumed regularly.

What is Horse milk?

Horse Milk in reality is termed as Mare Milk. This is mainly due to the fact that a female horse is known as a Mare and only a female horse secretes milk. Milk obtained from Horses that are fed on fermented dairy products like Kumis is considered healthier than the ones that are artificially fed. Horse Milk is available in powdered form in many drug stores and is considered the common form for consumption of the same.

Health benefits offered by Horse Milk

Horse Milk or Mare Milk offers highest of nutritional value to human health. A detailed look at the health benefits that Horse Milk offers to humans will help understand the uses of consuming the same in a regular manner.

  • The first and foremost heartening factor about the consumption of Horse Milk is that it is easily digestible for all age groups of people since it contains less of casein. The antibacterial boost Horse Milk offers to human body rebalances the gut flora reducing the symptoms of indigestion, bloating and constipation.
  • People who have Lactose tolerance can best benefit from Horse Milk since the Lactose content is high in the same. High Lactose content provides god health to children and women in particular.
  • Horse Milk contains many types of Vitamins in it some of which are Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The Vitamin content found in Horse Milkis higher than it is in Cow’s Milk.
  • The high levels of Minerals found in Horse Milk range between Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron to most important ones for human health.
  • The calories found in Horse Milk is almost 50% lesser than that found in Cow’s milk. This ensures that the cholesterol levels are maintained in a healthy ratio at all points of time. 
  • The fat content in Horse Milk is very low and is of mono saturated type. This ensures that people who consume Horse Milk does not get into any health issues caused due to fat content.
  • Horse Milk is famous for improving Eczema symptoms prevalent in people aiding them in maintaining the skin tone in the best possible manner. It also safeguards people from Psoriasis, allergies, irritation and Rosacea. Applying Horse Milk on the skin adding Coconut oil or Aloe helps maintain skin in a superlative manner at all points of time.
  • Horse Milk is an excellent detoxifier cleaning the human body from toxins and other unwanted chemicals that accumulates in the human body over a period of time. Regular consumption of Horse Milk relieves the human body from toxins in a periodical manner helping people maintain their health at its prime.
  • Consumption of Horse Milk boosts bone density in people. Right levels of Bone density ensure proper looks and maintenance of body contours during all ages. It also aides in keeping away from bone and joint pains particularly when people cross 40 years of age when physical aspects tend to deteriorate. This safeguards people from getting affected by osteoporosis and other kinds of Bone related ailments
  • Horse Milk helps in the process of vasodilatation which is nothing but the reduction of stress in the arteries and blood vessels. This in turn reduces the Blood Pressure levels in humans. The main mineral that aides in this, is the high levels of Potassium in Horse Milk. This helps people from safeguarding themselves from Strokes, Atherosclerosis and Heart related ailments
  • Horse is an animal that is famous for its vigor and energy. The high levels of power and strength that horses exhibit have never failed to amaze humans. Horse Milk provides the same levels of energy, vigor, strength and power to people who are in the habit of consuming the same in a regular manner.
  • The adequate levels of Amino Acid content found in Horse Milk helps it protect the immune system in human body at any given point of time. The Immune system remains healthy throughout the life time when Horse Milk is consumed regularly
  • Horse Milk regulates irregular bowel movements providing relief from stomach related sickness. This in turn aides in healthy digestion process in humans which is the basis for good health.
  • Horse Milk has positive effects on metabolic disorders due to the cleansing function it performs on the physical aspects of human body
  • Horse Milk helps people of all ages by providing them relief from tiredness, menopause related ailments in women, stress and tension and people experiencing ailments pertaining to old age.

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