Benefits of Gir Cow Ghee

Benefits of GIR Cow Ghee

The food we consume everyday decides the fate of our health most of the times. Irrespective of the lifestyle we lead or the exercise regime we follow in our day to day life, if we do not focus on the food we eat many things go for a toss. Our health is one of those key factors that immediately get affected when something goes wrong with our food habits. Many among us are absolutely conscious about the food we consume, its make and brand that produces the same. We are always conscious about the quantity of foods we consume too. Despite such open consciousness about the foods we eat, many of us today are suffering from health issues that were not prevalent in the yester years. This is mainly due to the high pollution levels amidst which natural products are grown in the current society.

Apart from Agricultural products, one more aspect of food that is affected by artificiality is the dairy products. Dairy products which were once considered as unadulterated natural ones that offers high levels of goodness to health is not as safe as it was earlier. With the breeding of foreign cows and cross breeding of animals, dairy products are to be sieved thoroughly before using the same for our consumption. One of the Dairy products that play a crucial role in our food habits for ages unknown is Ghee. GIR Cow Ghee in particular, plays a major role in the maintenance of our health for many centuries now.

What is GIR Cow Ghee?

GIR Cow Ghee is nothing bur Ghee made out of the output obtained from Indian cow that is bred on natural products. These are cows that are not grown with the help of medical or artificial products. Their milk production is not meddled with hormonal injections for commercial or profitability reasons.

GIR in particular is an Indian breed cow which produces the best possible milk since it is fed on value adding herbs, Jau, Coconut, Makka, Capas Seed, Gehu Chapad, Matar Dal among the many others. The Butter and Ghee made out of the Milk produced by GIR cow is absolutely healthy. The milk that is obtained from GIR Cow is termed as A2 Milk and is of the best quality to produce the best of the Ghee in the world.

Health benefits offered by GIR Cow Ghee

GIR Cow Ghee is such a purest form of Ghee that it offers many health benefits to people belonging to all age groups. Let us look at some health benefits offered by Ghee made from GIR Cow Milk.

  • The natural products with which the GIR Cows are fostered makes the milk obtained from them safe. It turn the Ghee churned also possesses high levels of anti ageing properties in it. This helps people look young and healthy for extended number of years.
  • The purest form of GIR Ghee acts as a good lubricant providing relief from Knee and joint pain to people. Various kinds of Arthritis get cured when GIR Cow Ghee is consumed regularly by the affected ones
  • The fat soluble substances found in the GIR Cow Ghee helps human body absorb the value adding nutrients inside the body for longer periods of time. This takes care of converting the nutrients into energy offering human the strength to handle more chores and withstand wear and tear
  • GIR Cow Ghee takes care of the body tissues in the best possible manner offering it the optimal health at all points of time
  • GIR Cow Ghee is good to be consumed by Pregnant and Lactating women since it adds immense value to the health of the child passing through the Mother’s breast fed milk.
  • GIR Cow Ghee gets people rid of Asthma, Sinusitis and other kinds of respiratory diseases when applied externally
  • Don’t be surprised when we say that Ghee can make you lose weight. GIR Cow Ghee can make you lose weight for sure. The presence of Linolenic Acid in GIR Cow Ghee reduces the overall fat in the body in particularly the fat accumulated in the belly region of the body.
  • The melting point of Ghee made from GIR Cow dairy is the same as that of human body temperature. This makes it easily soluble and digestible by humans more than the other types of commercial ghee that is made from GIR Cow. 
  • GIR Cow Ghee is used for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda and natural form of medicines. One of the main medical purposes it serves is that related to stomach and its lining. Stomach and organs related to the same is highly vulnerable regions in the human body. Stomach undergoes many health issues like ulcers and constipation to mention a couple of them. Consuming GIR Cow Ghee in a regular manner helps people get rid of stomach ailments in a quick and easy manner
  • GIR Cow Ghee also helps in maintaining Skin and Eye health at its optimal best at all points of time. It adds to the skin tone and complexion when consumed in a regular manner. It safeguards the skin from getting affected with blisters, scars and burns, making the skin look healthy and glowing
  • GIR Cow Ghee provides the required nutrition for effective brain functioning grooming the mental aspects in the perfect manner. The memory and cognitive aspects gain the most when GIR Cow Ghee is consumed in a periodical manner.

If you are regular user of Ghee, shift to the world class GIR Cow Ghee we offer all through the year. This purest form of GIR Cow Ghee you get from us will add value to your health in an immense manner. It will help you maintain your physical health at its prime during every walk of your life. GIR Cow Ghee is good for the health of people irrespective of the genders they belong to. Consume the high quality GIR Cow Ghee offered by us. Look healthy and glowing at all points of time.